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Chapter I  -             PRELIMINARY
Section 1  -             Short title and commencement
Section 2  -             Definitions
Section 3  -             Freedom to conduct trade and commerce in a trade area
Section 4  -             Trade and commerce of scheduled farmers’ produce
Section 5  -             Electronic trading and transaction platform
Section 6  -             Market fee under State APMC Act, etc., in trade area
Section 7  -             Price Information and Market Intelligence System
Chapter III  -             DISPUTE RESOLUTION
Section 8  -             Dispute Resolution Mechanism for farmers
Section 10  -             Appeal against cancellation of right to operate
Chapter IV  -             PENALTIES
Section 11  -             Penalty for contravention of Act and rules
Chapter V  -             MISCELLANEOUS
Section 13  -             Protection of action taken in good faith
Section 14  -             Act to have overriding effect
Section 15  -             Bar of jurisdiction of civil court
Section 16  -             Act not to apply to certain transactions
Section 17  -             Power of Central Government to make rules
Section 18  -             Laying of rules
Section 19  -             Power to remove difficulties
Section 20  -             Repeal and savings
Order Supreme Court  -             Supreme Court Order Regarding the Stay of Implementation of The Farm Laws
Statement of Objects and Reasons   -             FARMERS' PRODUCE TRADE AND COMMERCE (PROMOTION AND FACILITATION) ACT, 2020
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