ABOUT US is a new service launched by Manupatra. Access to the database on is open to all without charge As part of its corporate social responsibility and with an objective of making available laws to the common man, Manupatra is committed to keep access to the database without charge.

Content Coverage

The database gives you free access to: 

  • Central Bare Acts (Statutes)
  • Bills and Ordinances as introduced in the parliament or pending with status thereof
  • Draft Bills
  • Lokpal Bills
  • Law Commission Reports
  • Standing Committee Reports
  • Amending and repealing Acts (statute)

Manupatra is the leading law publishers and provider of Legal, Taxation, Corporate and Business Policy databases in India.

Manupatra through its legal research database gives privileged access to its users and empowers them with in-depth legislative, regulatory and procedural information critical for decision making, without having to go to multiple sources. It brings forth new efficiency and unparalleled results to research efforts. It provides value-added information that is relevant, timely, customized and consistent.

With database enhancement and value addition being a continuous process at Manupatra, users continue to get benefited as Manupatra continues to build its exclusive research solution thus providing maximum return on your investment.

Manupatra has provided a single point source of accessing diverse Indian Legal and Business information that helps users make critical decisions. A digital resource such as manupatra is an ideal solution, which takes no rack space to store, is not machine specific and thus can be used from anywhere; the search interfaces facilitate your research and get you the requisite documents in matter of minutes.